K K Weakley

Competitions 2014 & 2015

As you will all know at least three times a year I give away free copies of my Daughter of Arella Trilogy and Eternally Spring.  To take part follow me on Facebook for details.

Lord of Zantar

The last installment of the Daughter of Arella Trilogy will be the focus of this Competition. To enter follow me on Facebook and LIKE the status where it gives you the details. As always I do not make things difficult :) The winner will be named by March 8th. Good Luck. 

WINNER - Robert CurtinSeufert. Congratulations :)

Ebook, Kindle and Nook Competition

I have decided when the Ebook, Kindle and Nook book form of Lord of Zantar reaches the 1,000 number sold I will be giving away a signed copy of the Daughter of Arella Triolgy.

Good luck everyone and watch this space.

WINNER - Michelle Wright, Congratualtions :) 

Signed Edition of Eternally Spring

This will be taking place on the 27th of May - all day. 

You can enter this competition by joining me on Facebook. As there are going to be two seperate competitions going this day for a signed copy, you can have double the chance to win. 

Good luck everyone and watch this space.

WINNER - Rachael Botson, Josephine Kehoe and Amanda Williford Williams - Congratulations :)