K K Weakley

Daughter of Aurella - Fantasy 

Having spent her life in Arella fighting alongside the men of her father's army, Lady Nox Roundgate finds herself in a position of pursuing her heart or fighting with her men in a bid to destroy the forces coming from the North. As war edges closer from the Mackisi within the Shia Mountains, Nox develops allies in Kiril and the Zantarian army of the West, and from Ulric within the Glens of the Crowden. The only son of Anso and the heir to Zantar, Kiril is handsome, stubborn and an aggressive warrior.
They find secrets were buried and unearth treason within the lands, as while swords clash and shields are broken Nox finds where her loyalties lie.

Light in the Dark - Fantasy

As Nox and Kiril try to settle into a normal every day life following the birth of their first born, things begin to spiral out of control. Their love is tested, words are said and once again Kiril finds himself at the receiving end of her temper. Returning for revenge, Lel is leaving no stone unturned in a bid to destroy those who stand in his way. As the new leader of Arella, Hakan is struggling against the want to follow his heart and the urge to keep private something that could change everything.


Lord of Zantar - Fantasy

For the first time Zantar's heir is about to face his greatest battle. Kiril unknown to himself has been kept in the dark his entire life, where not only does he risk losing his land, but the woman he has loved for as long as he can commit to memory. Brothers in arms will fall, fire will engulf the skies into the hours of darkness, while his love turns her sights on something that neither of them can know the true outcome. Fight for what he owns by birth right, or fight and die for who he loves.


Eternally Spring - Nonfiction

His life had changed for good on that fateful night in Tennessee. On the 8th of April 1997, Nathaniel Lee Weakley learned what it meant to have his life flash before his eyes, while possessing nothing in his power to stop it. A true story of lost innocence, and the ability to have the strength to grab hold of life with both hands, in an never ending bid to move on.