Author K K Weakley

I am being the concept of marketing Sekhet while continuing to market all of my published (retired for the moment) books to date. Let the fun begin ;) You can of course follow me on Facebook to keep up with everything.

Since the beginning of December I have been considering doing what people have requested with regard to the Daughter of Arella Trilogy, and have begun the first single character book from the Trilogy. The decision to begin with Arnav, my silver tongued rogue has been a good choice.

Welcome to 2016. Right now, I am concentrating on the 2nd in the newest Series I have embarked on. This series has been an interesting genre for me as it is extremely different, but in saying that I am enjoying the challenge.


As of the 20th of July 2016 I signed a contract with Literary Agent Jan Kardys, of Black Hawk Literary Agency/Unicorn for Writers for my newest book Sekhet. I have also had the absolute pleasure of working with Head Editor Barbara Ellis-Uchino, who has not only opened my eyes to a great many things but continues to teach me every day about writing, the do's and do not's, in addition to what it really takes at the end of the day.

I'm a lucky girl :)


With the first book of this new YA Series complete, I am working hard on getting the second, finished, and ready. I am excited about his three book series and I hope readers enjoy the characters as much as I am enjoying getting to know them.

My YA Series has since turned into a horror of sorts. It would seem my mind wondered into adult and to dark for YA. In saying this I am extremely excited to be pushing along nicely with the Sekhet Saga, and I am enjoying the journey it is taking me on.


Sekhet is going through the submission process at the moment. This is the time every writer has the feeling of apprehension and excitement all rolled into one. But, in saying this I am just so happy to have two very important people who believe in me and my over active imagination - my Agent and Editor (Jan and Barbara)

As I receive news, I will update as it comes in.