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Let's Chat


While most have been keeing updated regarding my newest venture; The Sekhet Saga, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, I wanted to use the website for the most important of news and updates.

This months "Let's Chat" will consist of just that. Up to date information on a number of things including the 10% of Sekhet reviews, and most importantly my Qoute of the Month from SEKHET.

To date Sekhet is still in the waiting phase between Agent and Publisher, yet as this is the case, Hellbound is in the process of being edited, all the while I am focusing on Eternity the final entry in this Saga.


Above is the link to the newest Sekhet review. Feel free to read it, and by all means leave a comment with your thoughts :)

Sekhet qoute of the MonthBecause if you don’t, I will peel the skin from your body and bathe in your blood.” 



Firstly let me apologize for the lack of communication - my MS has being playing up on me, but that does not mean I have not been writing. The complete opposite actually. 

I have opened a separate website for SEKHET all for herself. Pop on over and check it out.


In this Months Let's Chat I am going to fill you in on some SEKHET updates.

  1. The genre has been changed from Young Adult to Horror. Now I realize that many of you were excited to hear that I was writing for YA, (for a change) BUT those of you who felt it just 'Wasn't me' were right. While I enjoy the challenge of branching out, which I tend to do, I can not ignore my mind when it refuses to keep within the guidelines. That being said, I will never say never, and down the road who knows what will happen.
  2. As I have said I began a website for SKEET to have all to herself. Here I will keep information coming regarding SEKHET and it's characters. 
  3. And last but not least - Submissions for SEKHET has begun in the genre of HORROR. 

Sekhet quote of the month - “Ah, come on, partner. Like Dot said, he won’t remember a thing."