K K Weakley

Model Megan Dempsey a Wexford, Ireland native, will be the face of Tianna for the New Cover of Lord of Zantar.


Lord of Zantar due for release soon!

Photos will be taken by Photographer Nan Furlong of the beautiful Megan Dempsey for the cover of the last installment of my Daughter of Arella Trilogy. 

About Tianna:

From the Northern Territories, but resides in Arella.

Love interest : Toran (a twin of Gaius)

Skills: Healer amongst others.

As of 2016 and into 2017 big changes have occurred. I have finished Sekhet, my first YA novel. This has been followed by Hell Bound which will be in the editing stages soon, while the 3rd of this Saga; Eternity has already found its beginning. Sekhet submissions are ready to go out to publishers.

Watch this space. It is all getting very exciting. 

There are a great many things we as authors/writers struggle to obtain on the precipice of great things in our careers, and that is an agent, a bad ass editor, not to mention a publisict who can make wonderful things happen. For me this has been a journey that has led me to three great people.

Jan Kardys - Agent

Barbara Ellis-Uchino - Bad ass editor

Tia Ellrad - Publicist