Where do you find your character names?
Generally I have no idea. I do tend to look at baby book names to find names with meanings. None of the characters in the Daughter of Arella Trilogy do not mean something. The names come and then the character personalities.

Why Celtic Fantasy/Fiction?
My favorite subject is History. My favorite time in history is the 17th century. Why? I couldn't tell you what the draw is, but I have always loved castles, wars that contain swords, bows and arrows, knives. Not guns and things that go boom! And Celtic fantasy/fiction because I am Irish and I love my roots, my heritage and the way of life throughout history.

If you could write someone's life story who would it be?
In all honesty I would have loved to be the age I am now, and be doing what I do now when my Great-Grandfather Patrick was still alive, would have been an amazing opportunity and honor. A Navy man, with I am sure, some pretty interesting tales to tell.

Would you ever write Nonfiction again?
It would have to be an amazing story that just had to be told just like Eternally Spring. Nonfiction is humbling! To know what you have written is someone's life be it sad or happy is something that is hard to explain.

Who is your favorite character in your Daughter of Arella Trilogy?
I have two. Nox for sure.  She is strong with a temper to match. At 5 ft. tall she can put any man on his back, and a smirk for the effort lol. She is what drew me out of myself and into a world that sickness and fear held no place at a time I needed something. She is...well she is my inner peace. And then there is Arnav! He is my sexy rogue, that makes me laugh even while writing his character.

Is there anything you would change in Daughter of Arella?
I think every time I look at Daughter of Arella I want to change a word, or it's length, or details during a love scene, but in general there is very little I can change without changing the story line. I like to think every writer has looked at their own work and wanted to alter it just to make it that little bit better.


Would you ever write a children's book?
In one word - No. Besides writing a series of short stories for my Stepson Finn, I do not think I am the kind of writer who can cater for children. I love writing for adults.

Who would you like to co-write a book with?
There are two in particular. Very amazingly talented ladies. But their style and genre is very different to my own.

Did you intend on ever writing about a same sex couple?
Of course. What we need to remember is that, readers do not consist of just straight people. I love to cater for everyone, and I would never change any of these characters in any way.

What part of writing excites you the most?
Finding that one character who leaves you awake at night, because, you know you can make them great.

How do you handle bad reviews?                           Strangely enough, I had one not so long ago, and it was my very first. I wasn't upset about it as I once imagined I would have been. I just positively thanked him for his review and moved on. I have to remember that I cannot please every reader out there.


Have you ever regretted writing anything?