Daughter of Arella Trilogy - Book 1

In the days of chivalry and royalty, most history books speak of duty and honor. But K K Weakley shows the real lives behind those stone walls. A never ending tale of heart, soul, passion and betrayal. I truly enjoyed reading her work, and would say that reading it once was not possibly enough. Each time, the words stroke the imagination and shows you something new.
Good show, Karen, BRAVO!!

Author LS Beck

Light in the Dark (D.O.A Trilogy - book 2.

Her books surpass that and are on a whole other level of understanding. I became an immediate fan. She had me on the edge of my seat awaiting more. KK is very talented and leaves you appreciative of the art of storytelling. It was a fine read and easy to follow. She has my vote for author of the year. - Author Katrina Stradford

I am a tough reader, but one thing that usually raises my interest are characters, like Nox for instance, that resonate within me. This book is full of passionate scenes and a plot that makes you care. Light in the Dark will surprise you with the quality of it's story line and the Author's prose will leave you hot during the lovemaking scenes. - Author Donny Swords.

Karen takes the reader and places them in the moment with tremendous attention to detail. You are literally feeling what her characters are feeling! She celebrates a sense of lost humanity in her writing.  - Author Peter Andrew Sacco

I found it full of life and emotion. From Love to Anger! I had tears. I Laughed! I was shocked!
The communication between Nathaniel and Kelly was magic! I love they could talk about anything! I really enjoyed reading Eternally Spring! - Angela - The Spine of the Book

K.K. Weakley's Eternally Spring provides a unique insight into the psychological impact of a car accident on the lives of many. Usually we only hear how an accident affects drivers or a family member of the person involved. What is special about this book is that readers are able to experience the emotional journey of the driver, his family, and his friends as they cope with what was and what could have been. However, this story is not told in an artificial Hallmark-style in which no one can truly relate. Rather, we are shown intimate moments throughout Nathaniel's life and those of his family, so that we can connect to him and understand that this truly happened and these things still happen to people just like us. If you are looking for an inspiring but honest read, this is it.                                        Sierra (Newspaper Book Reviewer for KY)

Eternally Spring is a tale of one man's mission to overcome all odds and strive for better yet it provides the perfect backdrop for so much more. Karin powerfully captures the readers' imagination and brings this fascinating tale to light in a truly unique manner. The range of emotions portrayed in this novel paint a vivid picture of life, a series of heartfelt moments which ultimately shape this invigorating book. No sentiments could pay justice to the gripping yet enjoyable journey that Karin takes us on. Her work is bound to be a universal classic and we will certainly be hearing more about this author in the future. - Glenn Dowd, Editor, Irish News Review.

Eternally Spring by K. K. Weakley is about Nathaniel Lee Weakley, who was involved in an accident on the fateful night of April 8, 1997 in Tennessee. This nonfiction memoir provides an intimate perspective on how the life-changing event affected not just Nathaniel, but his family and friends as well. I personally found it a very good read, and it is not difficult to see how it can inspire every reader. Despite its rather grim subject matter in places (especially some of the painful medical treatment Nathaniel had to endure), it is ultimately an inspirational memoir. I am sure this will be appreciated by people who are dealing with or who have gone through a similar experience. Buried not too deeply in it is valuable wisdom about survival, love, strength and gratitude. Personally, Eternally Spring makes it clear that all the little things that we take for granted can be removed entirely from our control at any time. Life is precious. Nathaniel's brush with death gave him and the people around him strength, as well as another level of gratitude towards life. I must admit that some parts of the books are hard to read. 

That being said, Author K. K. Weakley has written a beautiful, touching memoir. Weakley definitely has a way with words; every page is immersive. On the whole, this book is a gem and should be read by everyone. Also, it would be a great book for teen drivers to remind them to appreciate life a little bit more. - Lit Amri for Reader's Favorite.