Author K K Weakley

Some things about the Daughter of Arella Trilogy you didn't know.

1. Nox for the best part was based on myself when it was first written. Her height, her     temper but more than anything else at that time, her weaknesses.

2. The lands within the Daughter of Arella Trilogy is in fact the 4 Provinces of Ireland ;)

3. Nomas, from Lord of Zantar was formed using my husbands nickname :)

4. The cover of Daughter of Arella is my friend Sarah, the cover of Light in the Dark is my sister-in-law Denise, and the cover of Lord of Zantar is Megan who grew up next door.

Things you didn't know about me:

Favourite food is roast potatoes and brown gravy.

Favourite film of all time is The Quiet Man.

Favourite poet - Gaius Valerius Catullus.

The beach is my safe haven.

Nicknames -  KK/Kelly

TV shows I can't do without - Vikings/Sons of Anarchy

Favourite actor - Al Pacino/Mel Gibson/Liam Neeson/Denzel Washington

Pet Peeves - poaching, ignorant people, racism and anything to do with politics.